About DOMTEC International, a Unique Dome Construction Company


Founded in 1995, after over 10 years in the monolithic concrete dome industry, DOMTEC (pronounced dometec, or dometech) International was awarded a project as the general contractor for a USD$5 million, 40,000 metric tonne fly ash dome. Included in the contract was an automated reclaim system, sub-grade tunnel, stair tower and bridge and head house.

Domtec is now a leading dome construction company with world-class bulk storage solutions in the mining, power, agriculture and cement industries. We have built domes on 5 continents, storing coal, wood pellets, fgd gypsum, fly ash, metals, ores, rare earth elements, potash, fertilizers, grains, peanuts, salt and sugar.


From ownership and sales to construction, our team is the most experienced in the industry. With hundreds of years of combined experience and a goal for continuous improvement, our experience translates into the highest safety, quality-control and quality-assurance standards of any other dome contractor in the world. This organization and attention to detail have produced 100% successful projects without a single failure.

As a leading dome construction company, we feel a strong moral obligation to improve our industry. We actively participate in American Shotcrete Association (ASA) and American Concrete Institute (ACI) committees, contributing to policy that will strengthen the future of the industry.

Our values:

Honesty and Integrity:  We will be known worldwide as a trusted company of trustworthy concrete dome builders who stand by what they say and whose word is their bond.

Excellence:  We build excellence into everything we do. If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing right.

Continuous Improvement:  We strive to become a great company by proactively seeking to become 'Level V' leaders and encourage all people in our company to improve their skills, abilities and become experts in their chosen fields.

Why Build with DOMTEC?

We mitigate your risk. (…and value a good night's sleep)

  • Schedule:  100% on-time delivery
  • Engineering:  We engineer our domes with a higher safety factor than any other dome builder. This means more foam, rebar and concrete; therefore, stronger, tighter, and longer-lasting.
  • Workmanship:  DOMTEC employs the most experienced technicians (averaging over 20 years' experience each). We also have the most stringent quality control program of any in our industry.
  • Warranty:  triple warranty from builder, manufacturer and supplier.

We have been in business about 20 years building domes worldwide. Each dome has been a successful project with zero failures. Our safety and quality control/assurance programs are second to none in our industry. Our capabilities include acting as a prime contractor to build the dome shell or providing turnkey solutions, assembling a world-class team to engineer, procure and construct tunnels, foundations, floors, domes, apex curbs, reclaim and conveying equipment.

We are committed to improving local economies in the communities we build. We hire local labor and purchase local materials to assist our specialty qualified concrete dome builders during the construction of the domes, thus keeping much of the contract monies in the local economy.

15+ years on ASA & ACI committees. 18+ years in business. 77 step QC program.